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50 Cents

Can you imagine owning a home that is FIVE times larger than ANY home in your town?

This 51,657 sqft mansion has been owned by several millionaires including Mike Tyson but it’s now owned by 50cent.  Here are some of it’s features:

  • Racquetball court
  • Indoor gym
  • Indoor shooting range
  • Indoor discotheque with a smoke machine
  • Infinity pool & an indoor pool
  • Movie theater
  • Helicopter pad
  • 52 rooms and NINE kitchens
  • NBA regulation-size basketball court

The home has had a bumpy ride but 50 Cent thought he would have no issues, however, after buying the home for $4.1 million and adding $6-10 million renovating the home he listed the home and it’s 17 acres for $18.5 million in 2007.  The home has been on an off the market over the years and is currently listed for $8.5 million.

Before you run out and make an offer on this incredible home, you will need about $67,000 a month just to maintain the place.  Wow.  That’s just a little more that 50 cents 🙂


Sharon Kofahl

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