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Candy Corn

Candy Corn… Love it or Hate it

Today is National Candy Corn Day.  Created back in the late 1800’s Candy Corn was originally yellow, orange and white.  However, this popular treat comes in just about every combination you can imagine.

Original Candy Corn

Mellowcreme Pumpkins

Indian Corn

Autumn Mix

Assorted Mellowcreme Mix

Carmel Candy Corn

Cookie Candy Corn

Sea Salt Chocolate Candy Corn

Apple Mix Candy Corn

JuJu Candy Corn

Candy Corn MinisWitches Teeth

Candy CornVampire Teeth Candy Corn

Gluten Free Cookie Candy Corn

Gluten Free Natural Sources Candy Corn

We bought a few types this year to see what we thought.  Some of the flavors were ok but I couldn’t find anyone that liked the Chocolate Mint Candy Corn!

What is your favorite flavor or favorite dish to make with Candy Corn? My favorite is just Original Candy Corn mixed with Peanuts.



Sharon Kofahl

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